Thursday, 7 May 2009

Just Admit Your Pathetic Lethargy Lee


At the small chance there is anyone out there, as is clear, this site hasn’t been updated in a good three months, alas a final year dissertation and several essays got in the way of me being able to dedicate spare time to much else.

Thankfully said work is now out of the way and I’ve finished my film degree! Rejoice! And I intend on returning to this blog with many more reviews in the next few weeks, until the first reviews begin to appear I shall attempt to appease you with a still from the film that inspired the name of this blog.

Super cool Lorre stylee!



  1. How'd your last year go Lee? Well, I hope!

  2. Last year went fairly well cheers Chris, many pat on the head top of the class marks (the type that make you immediately ask other class members what they got so you can throw a condesending "oh well done!" their way).

    My double dissertation I haven't got the mark back for yet and I'm worried! It either went ok or it's a directionless sprawling mess waiting to drag my overall mark down the gutter.


  3. Yikes! Am sure it'll go boss dude. What did you do it on?

  4. I'm sure you've told me before, but I've totaly forgot!

  5. The central theme was always early 70s American Road Movies, but the approach to them kept changing, in the end it was about how they could be related to countercultural movements of the time and how they commented on the downfall of the movement

  6. Oooh! That sounds well boss! Think you'll post extracts here? You totally should dude.